Susan Dadario
So touched by the care our big boy Lefty received from the team in opthamology. Dr. Van Der Woerdt was so good with Lefty and special thanks to Thomas Hall and Liz for the time they spent answering our endless questions and explaining the meds to us. Most importantly, it is amazing how they handle Lefty, a pitbull, with such tenderness and gently as if he were their own pet. We can't thank you enough. Lefty and his family.
Barry Fleming
You saved our boy's life when another emergency & specialty facility said there was nothing else that could be done. Lefty (11 y.o. male English Bulldog) is such a HUGE part of our lives that we can never, ever thank the AMC enough. The courage, compassion and concerned, calm confidence we witnessed - by so many - on January 21, 2017 has cemented that day in our hearts as "Miracle Day" - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Peter DeAngelis
Thank you to Dr. Schwartz and her team for an amazing job on our dog Ninja.. The care and compassion was so real compared to others. You have giving us the best gift especially with the holidays coming up . Thank You again
Laura Drawbaugh
Thank you today to Doctor Jacob Klos and nurse Claudia for the sensitive and skilled care of my beloved cat.
Robbi mintz
Our dog Tucker, who suffers from cardio myopathy, had 4 attacks within a 3 day period. Frantic to find a cardiologist that could see Tucker on short notice, we were fortunate to go to the Animal Medical Center and meet Dr. Dennis Trafny. From the moment we referred the facility, everyone could not have been nicer. From the gentleman at the front desk on the 2nd for, to the dr. That took all our annoying information and finally to Dr. Trafny, the entire experience was amazing. The care and concern that Tucker received and the hope that we were given was exactly what was needed. We felt like we were in a places that cared first about Tucker and everyone was so pleasant and helpful. We were advised to increase Tucker's medication and we're followed up with a heart monitor To date Tucker has recovered and has had no further episodes. We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our heart. Larry & Robbi Mintz
Thank you very much to Dr. Bond, Dr. Cray, all the other doctors who helped us, all of the technicians, and all of the folks working at the front desk. We spent a lot of time at the AMC last week, and so many people worked together to help my shi tzu Gagne pull through a second episode of heart failure. I want to express my deepest gratitude. Thank you for being there for us, and thank you for your brilliance and kindness.
I am always happy with the service my chihuahua's and I receive from your warm and friendly let alone knowledgeable Dr.s. I know I can always count on great and honest service from the team at The Animal Medical Center! I have 3 chihuahua's Lucky 18, Daisy 18 and Heart 5! We are grateful to everyone at The Animal Medical Center!
i would like to thank everyone at amc who helped me in my parrots emergency. that fact that amc had an onsite true avian vet and equipment CANNOT be understated. four other facilities with true avian vets were either not open or the avian vet was not on site that day and that day i needed one , this by itself shows the value of amc. besides that, personnel from the check in staff to the triage nurse to of course dr. kyle donnelly were completely professional and considerate of the position i and my parrot found ourselves in. dr. donnelly gave me an excellent breakdown of what seemed to be happening along the way, and her clarity of explanation was appreciated. happy to say that the medicine she prescribed has turned my parrot, kelly, around and she is more like her oldself. in closing amc was the only facility i could find available to me, and it had evrything a sick parrot needed. i am very impressed with amc and dr. donnelly and am happy to have them as the main healthcare provider for all my avian needs from here on in.
Animal Medical Center gave us hope that our puppy, Rigatoni, was going to be okay. First, I'd like to thank Lori Asprea for helping us make an appointment to see a special internist. She was honest, kind and knowledgeable despite not having much info to go by. Second, I'd like to that Dr. Kabatchnick for taking such great care of our furbaby. She was so down to earth, explaining medical terms and occurrences in ways that us who have not studied medicine could understand. She was patient, kind and thorough. I would absolutely come back to see her (and probably will for a follow up in the future)


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