Fireworks and Your Dog

June 30, 2010

The fourth of July is rapidly approaching and with it comes fireworks. Fireworks are a major cause of noise phobia in dogs. Why? Dog hearing is better than human hearing. Your dog probably hears more and louder noises than you do. Your dog’s nose is better too, and maybe the smell of the fireworks is … Continue reading Fireworks and Your Dog

Veterinary Interns & Residents

June 28, 2010

June is the time for celebrating graduations, and late last week The Animal Medical Center celebrated the graduation of it’s 46th class of interns. Interns are recently graduated veterinarians who come to The AMC for postgraduate training beyond what is offered by the veterinary school curriculum. Interns rotate between all the specialty services The AMC … Continue reading Veterinary Interns & Residents


June 21, 2010

Today, on this first day of summer, I’m enjoying the hot, humid weather, but I’m also thinking about heatstroke. As I walk around the city, I notice lots of dogs out and about with their owners who are also enjoying the warm weather. Although humans seem to love hot summer days, our pets may not … Continue reading Heatstroke

The Veterinarian’s White Coat

June 14, 2010

On June 15th the AMC will hold its annual white coat ceremony welcoming a new group of young veterinarians to AMC. These veterinarians were selected from a pool of hundreds of the brightest and best young veterinarians in the country. For the next 13 months, these 18 veterinarians will rotate though the various specialties at … Continue reading The Veterinarian’s White Coat

Pet Food Recalls

June 10, 2010

Yesterday, the Iams Company voluntarily recalled Iams ProActive Health canned cat and kitten food – all varieties of 3 oz & 5.5 oz cans (date on the bottom of the can is 09/2011 to 06/2012). The Iams Company quality assurance team identified a deficiency of vitamin B1, also called thiamine, in this line of cat … Continue reading Pet Food Recalls

Summer Pet Hazards

June 1, 2010

As the weather warms up, everyone, including the family pet, wants to spend more time outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine and more opportunity to exercise are just a few of the benefits of the summer season. But summer also brings with it an opportunity for injury. To keep your pet safe this summer season, here are … Continue reading Summer Pet Hazards

Treating Pets with Acupuncture

May 24, 2010

What is acupuncture? Developed in China over 3,000 years ago, acupuncture uses small needles inserted into specific points on the body to achieve a desired healing effect. This technique has been used in both human and veterinary patients to treat existing conditions and also to prevent new problems from arising. According to Chinese medical philosophy, … Continue reading Treating Pets with Acupuncture

Celebrate National Pet Week!

May 4, 2010

May 2-8, 2010 is National Pet Week and this year the theme is “People and Pets – Healthy Together.” Common human health issues such as obesity, diabetes and cancer are now also health concerns for our pets. Since so many of these health concerns are preventable, this year’s theme spotlights how we can help ourselves … Continue reading Celebrate National Pet Week!